Hope for a Home:

A project that provide a home, education and health facilities for orphans in Sierra Leona.

Almost Completed!

The Ebola epidemic and the recent floods and landslides in Sierra Leone devastated thousands of families and entire communities, leaving thousands of children orphaned.


There is a pressing need for this orphanage and school. We can help these children by giving them the opportunity to grow up in a stable and safe place and by providing access to an education.


Through the "Hope for a Home" Project, we have built this home and school for these children.


The construction phase of our Hope for a Home project, in Matindi, Waterloo area, Western Rural District, east of Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone, is practically completed. The first five modules have already being built, one is reserved for administration, medical and other services. Two will house the school and the other two the orphanage.   The residence provides a home, food and a safe and family like environment, something essential at this time for these children. The school will serve not only the orphans, but also children of the local community as this school is the first one built in the area.