Project Hope for a Home:

¡Almost Completed!

The construction phase of the "Hope for a home" project started on November 20, 2016, this phase consists of 5 modules. 2 modules of two floors each and 1 single  floor module. The complex contains a school for orphaned children, as well as those of the community, as this is the first school built in their community. 

Join us to Help These Children

Amigos de Sierra Leona (ADSL) is a registered charity organization based in Spain. It was founded in 2010, with a membership comprising of both Sierra Leoneans and other nationals (friends of Sierra Leone) with a common goal:  to provide assistance of various kinds and to contribute to improving the living conditions of the people of Sierra Leone. We work to promote education, health and food security, scholarships, school feeding programmes and sending general medical supplies.   

Be a part of the solution!

 If you think that litle things do not make an impact, try sleeping with a mosquito in your bedroom. (African Proverb).