Hope for a Home:

The Sierra Leone Ebola Orphanage And School Project

The recent ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone devastated whole families and communities, leaving over 12,000 children orphaned.

Although the criss is now over however, the major challenges faced by the ebola orphans are real. These vulnerable children face – stigma from their community, trauma from losing their family, malnutrition, lack of access to education, sexual abuse, security and access to secure housing.

There is a great need for this orphanage and school, we can help to give these orphan children a chance to grow up in safe and stable home and the opportunity of an education.

Amigos de Sierra Leona is a registered charity organization founded and registered in Spain in 2010, having the common goal to provide assistance to contribute to improving the living conditions of the people of Sierra Leone.

We work to promote education, health and food security, scholarships and school feeding. Over the past years we have done so through child sponsorships, feeding programmes and most recently sending containers full of aid to help the ebola infected and orphans in Sierra Leone.


With the project "Hope for a Home" we want to build a home and a school


The orphanage will provide a much needed shelter, food, safe and loving environment for these kids.  The school will serve both ebola orphans and the local community, and will also provide jobs for some of its members.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Build an orphanage to house aprox 125 of the orphans in need of bedding and those belonging to the acute risk group
  • Build a school to provide quality primary education for 280 children (Ebola orphans and community children)
  • Generate all the capabilities to manage both the orphanage and school in the best way possible so that the infrastructure would be beneficial to both the orphans and the community.

 The Project will be implemented in Ma-Tindi Village, in the Waterloo area, Western Rural District, east of Freetown. This is one of the two hardest hit areas by the ebola virus, a poor rural area, which will also benefit from the construction of school because there are no schools in the surrounding areas. 

The community has already donated the land where it will be located, a total of 6,880 square meters, of which approximately 1,000 would go to the residence and 500 to the school.

To help us achieve this goal, we collaborating with an investigative group of the University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid) and the Institute of Cooperation and Basic Living Conditions (ICHAB) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, who have designed a construction model that is efficient, cheap and resilient, based on modules, that will help us reach the different objectives according to the funds raised.